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Lipton Peach


Lipton peach
Still Soft Drink with Tea Extract and Peach Juice with Sugar and Sweetener.
*Delicious taste of peaches - low calorie
*No artificial colours or preservatives
*Perfect for non-alcoholic cocktails
*Rainforest Alliance Certified
*Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
*Serve with ice and slices of peach
Feeling thirsty? Time for a Lipton Ice Tea infused with peach. Cool and refreshing, this fruity peach flavoured drink is a delicious blend of water, tea extract and peach juice. Taste the sunshine in every bottle of Lipton. Made with real tea extract, infused with peach juice and carefully crafted with over 125 years of expertise to give you our signature rich fruity taste and aroma.
Do you know all the great ways you can enjoy the taste of sunkissed Lipton Ice Tea? Grab a refreshing 500ml bottle for yourself while you're on the go, pick up a few bottles for you and your friends enjoying a picnic or grab a sharing bottle for the whole family to enjoy. At Lipton we're dedicated to getting the best out of tea, bringing you invigorating, uplifting and pleasurable tea drinking experiences.
Low in calories No colours or preservatives No artificial sweeteners ow in calories

Lipton Peach

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